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InsmEdit version 1.2 has been released by HorvatM.

This version adds a level monster editor. It also fixes bugs and improves the user interface.

Files created with version 1 will work normally with version 1.2. However, if a file saved in version 1.2 that includes starting position resources is edited and saved in version 1, starting directions in those resources may be lost.

The readme file has been updated to document new features. It also documents where in the Insmouse No Yakata ROM the data patched by InsmEdit is located.

The Example.imp file has also been updated to illustrate the new features.

More info and download here.

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It is so great to hear that the ability to edit monsters has been added! As I mentioned before, I hoped to create an all-new game once the ability to edit the starting positions of the monsters had been added. I still plan to do this, but I will likely have to wait until I’m done helping the Uncle Tusk team with all of the instruction booklets and what not for the planned near-future releases.


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