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I left home on a vacation to Lebanon for 2 weeks, the last time i played the Virtual Boy, it worked perfectly, now ive come back the screen is all messed up, the left screen is getting glitchy, the right screen shows double and backwards, its messed up. I hardly think its a problem , but i think it depends on time, i’ve had worse issues such a WHOLE screen blacking out with no image, yet after a few days it worked.

Anyways, has anyone got this problem?

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Its most likely another problem with the ribbon cables connecting the LED board to the motherboard. There are multiple threads with multiple methods in this forum about how to solve these glitchy display issues, I suggest you do a forum search and take a look.

is there a way to fix this without opening it up? I just dont want to ruin my VB

No, there isn’t. You will have to do some soldering to make it a permanent fix.

You could use the force, Luke. I’ve tried everything, from dropping a VB, using it upside down, shaking it… all with negative results (please don’t take that as serious advice). The best thing to do is take great care and open the beast up. Its really not too fragile, so you should have no problems as long as you remember which screws go where. To prevent the glitchy display from happening, keeping the IPD adjusted outward when the system is not in use will relieve stress from the glue holding the ribbon cable in place. I learned from DogP’s website http://www.projectvb.com how to remove the glue altogether and solder the connections with great results. If you do not have the technical know-how to solder the connection, the other option is to heat the glue and remelt it.

which way is outward? left or right?

DanB wrote:
No, there isn’t. You will have to do some soldering to make it a permanent fix.

This. I tried many other ways of fixing the displays and this was the only surefire 100% way to keep it good for years to come.

Also, Outward is to the Left.

How can i find a Virtual Boy screwdriver?

Zubari95 wrote:
How can i find a Virtual Boy screwdriver?

You can do a simple google search.

Hey btw, i tried my VB again, the double vision thing is still there and the right eye was getting glicthy with horizontal lines but then after another reset, the right eye works perfectly while the left eye has this double effect. my Virtual Boy just fixes on its own.


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