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It says “fan art” right in the description.

Was still cool to see though.

Looks like this youtuber improved the graphics of his previous Dragon Hopper fan art 🙂

That video is technically not a real Virtual Boy thing.

You can notice that the graphics in the video are not pixelated and don’t meet the VB’s 384×224 resolution. The video was uploaded in 2D, while stereoscopic 3D parallax is probably the most important advantage to VB graphics. The video was uploaded in 720p30 format, which is NTSC-comparable. The displays used in the VB create their “images” 50 times per second, which is PAL-comparable.

The music sounds like nothing the VSU can produce, unless it’s advertisement music, or is intended to waste CPU cycles and bash the volume registers. Or maybe the real Dragon Hopper proto has an extra chip mounted on the cart?

Soon dragon hopper fan art in 1080p coming up haha


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