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wow, is amazing, thank’s so muchs benjamin!

I should have just two more batches of scans containing VB-related stuff coming from all the 1995 Famitsu Magazines. First, I plan to go through all of them again very slowly and carefully soon, trying to spot any pages containing VB stuff on them that I missed the first time. Once I get all of those scanned, I’ll add them to the Famitsu Magazine Virtual Boy Coverage thread. Then, for the second batch and as a fun little project, I plan to scan all of the Virtual Boy sections on the Release Schedule pages and make a large collage out out of all of them and also include interesting facts that can be learned from observing the data. Right now, I will let it be known that every single unreleased game that appears on this site, with the one exception of “Jump Dragon/Dragon Hopper,” appears on one of the Release Schedule pages of the 1995 Famitsu Magazines. Unfortunately, there is no Virtual Boy game on the 1995 Famitsu Magazine Release Schedules, whose name does not already appear on this site, so if there is still some unreleased game whose name is largely unknown up to now, it may appear on the release schedules of the early 1996 Famitsu Magazines, but I can’t say for sure. Nevertheless, with the Famitsu Magazine being published on a weekly basis, I believe that the data contained across all of the release schedules will give us good insight into the development history of the games, such as the approximate time period in which the developers changed a game’s working title and decided upon the actual release title, or the approximate time period when an unreleased game became conclusively canceled (since it no longer appeared on the weekly release schedules), etc. I know that at least I myself will find all this to be very interesting anyway.

That will be interesting, Ben! Do you mean every single Japanese unreleased game listed here?

I hope the 1996 issues can be found as well, they should contain a lot more stuff like Dragon Hopper and Zero Racers. Maybe even an as-of-yet unheard-of game.

Well, I did mean every single Japanese unreleased game, but perhaps I overlooked a few. To be more specific, none of these unreleased games appeared on any of the release schedules:

3D Tank
Donkey Kong Country 2
Dragon Hopper
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
VB Mario Land
Zero Racers


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