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I have a copy of Red Alarm with demo and not for resale label. I see Wario Land version on eBay from time to time but Red Alarm seems virtually nonexistent so I’m guessing it’s rarer?

As I’m in need of money to replace my blown up computer ($250 to $300 for decent CPU, mobo, and RAM) plus the money to get Flash Boy, I may have to sell my #1 rarest collectible game πŸ™ (unless someone donates me $500 πŸ˜€ )

I got it by accident long ago from Target store when a friend of mine was cleaning out old stocks and old display stuff, he found the game. he was about to throw it out as VB stuff wasn’t worth anything back then and I just happened to run into him. I spotted the game and asked him about it, he gave it to me. πŸ˜€ He couldn’t do anything about the larger VB display that had Wario Land game since it was still on display.

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It’s been a few years since I’ve sold one, but both the Red Alarm and Wario Land ones seem to be about equally rare, and usually sold for ~$50-$80.


is that price listed above same for mario clash not for resell card (mib)
imported from japan (i got one)

No idea… those seem to be really hit and miss. I remember a few years ago one sold on ebay for ~$120, but in general prices on the rare stuff was higher then. I’ve seen them in auctions with other stuff go for a lot less than that, but people probably didn’t see those auctions since they’re listed like “4 Virtual Boy Games” (no description of what’s special) πŸ˜› .


Does anyone know an estimated value for a US Boxed Mario’s Tennis?
Is it rare than the one without box?

Yes they are rarer as the US boxes were just for display purposes. Not sure about how much you should pay. I seem to recall getting mine for ~40GBP though I have no idea if that is usual or not.


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