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I’ve been chatting to RunnerPack and DogP (to an extend – when he adds information) about a new project.

I will be the first to admit I am new to VB – as mine is still in freight from Japan, however I have a strong graphics background (Graphic Designer and have worked with Neo Geo game customising).

The Neo Geo aspect brings me to my point – RunnerPack and I were discussing graphics and I was given a challenge to make a Metal Slug-esque sprite in the correct colour palette for the VB. I had mixed results however it was a great learning tool.

I propose a project to bring one of the arcade greats (Metal Slug) to the VB. From our discussions, overall game size shouldn’t be a problem as the Metal Slug for the Neo Geo Pocket is 616KB in full colour, and the full res versions of the game (arcade/Neo geo CD) are similar resolutions so scaling isn’t much of an issue.

I am more than willing to work on the sprites/backgrounds and have further input to any potential Devs as far as the ‘virutal’ element, which follows:

* Backgrounds on own plane but ledges where enemies are are close to give illusion of an overhanging.

* Enemies on ledges are on same plane as character.

* When grenades are thrown – enemies sometimes fly towards the screen – perfect VB envirnment.

* Bosses loom over the player as they are quite large and would add to the 3D aspect.

So if anyone is interested in helping just holler out. Either way I’ll most likely starting thinking of ways to help automate the sprite conversion to the VB palette.

My avatar is my first effort in VB scheming – incorrect in parts but a stepping stome none-the-less.

Coders are a must at this stage and people with more ‘overall’ technical background to the VB and its development are MORE than welcome!

P.S. If you draw it, they will come πŸ˜›

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I dont think I’m any help other then saying: MS + VB = MSVB. I love MetalSlug and I guess this would be one of the greatest Games for VB. Imagine playing with link cable. I’ll take Marco…. and you? Sorry other then giving my full support I’m no help.

I think VB development needs to go up a few levels before such a game could be tackled. But there’s no harm at all in being ambitious :thumpup:

I’m looking forward to simpler games, like a 3D Asteroids conversion. 3D MineStorm works really well on the Vectrex I think.

I hope the sound can also be fully used and perhaps a VB mod player written. That would be cool !

an interessing idea indeed. the vbjaengine would be perfect for that, it’s to be released very soon. it now also fully supports sound! can’t wait.

btw, i am thinking about a dev competition where you can win a flashboy and pvb shirts. so if now is not the perfect time to start projects… πŸ˜€

“it now also fully supports sound!”

You have me crossing my fingers for a MCK driver now, this excites me more than anything else at the moment.

I don’t have a lot of time to do much coding, but I’d be glad to help out if I can. And that’s great that Jorgeche is gonna have sound in his engine… now all we need is sound in the emulator (I was actually working on this a few weeks ago, but haven’t gotten a chance to get it all working and stuff).


Thanks for all the support guys?

I know I’m new to the VB as I just got my Mint Jap version TODAY!

It doesn’t bother me if it takes a while for others to join in – I’m still gonna get to work on the graphics in the time being.

KR155E – Do you think you could update my projects page in my profile to reflect this Metal Slug Project at all? that would be great!

sure, when i add it to the homebrew section, it appears on your projects page. so if this is serious, i can add it.

Im serious – But at this stage I’ll be only doing the graphics (until I learn more about the programming). Gotta start somewhere πŸ˜›

alright, added. keep us informed so i can keep that page up to date. maybe someday i should add the option that users can edit their project pages themselves? hm.

Thanks KR155E

That would be a great idea – for now I’m going to document the project in word and then periodically send you the latest doc if thats alright?

Just a heads up – the sprite conversions are going to take AGES as there are literally thousands of images, so I’m focusing on Marco, the Metal Slug, backgrounds and one type of enemy soldier for now.

Doing these characters/items provides a base for at least a demo version to see how realistic the project will be.

Hi Mintor, I would like to know if you are using the VIDE environment to convert the images? I ask because of the way it does it, it must be taken some steps to create character animations in my engine… As far as I’ve read in the forum, you have not programmed anything yet, maybe I can explain you how my engine handles the sprites so you can send me the main character and I can make a little demo of it moving.


That would be fantastic jorgeche! I’ve been looking at VIDE but havent really had time to play around fully. I’ll send you an animation in a few days (just a basic ‘cardboard’ for now) so I can understand it better before attempting multiple planes per sprite.

PS Anyone know of the legalities of making this port – considering that Metal Slug is still an active chain?

Sounds intresting

How’s the project going ?


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