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I’ve sometimes posted about my former band “everlud” here on PVB, but after we broke up a year ago, I think I never posted our second and last album “Von großen Hürden und kleinen Romanzen” from 2008 for download here.

I compiled a ZIP with mp3s at 191Kbps as well as high resolution images of the booklet, CD and stuff for you. Maybe this is interesting for someone. So, here it is.


Note: I replaced song 8, “Mauer des Schweigens”, with the unmastered version, because it actually sounds better. Sadly the mastered version had fluctuations in volume where the song becomes louder.

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Just had a listen to this and its good, i don’t understand the lyrics, due to me not knowing any German but as far as music goes i enjoyed it, thanks Chris.

Dude, get a zip program from after 2000 or something… You still encode stuff in ANSI *yuck*

Also, nice songs, but is your lead singer not born German or something? Like, I find he has somewhat of an accent, especially noticeable in “Melanie” and “Traumblume” on most of the vowels… Or was that planned lol?

Anyway, nice gesture that you put your music up for us to enjoy ;D


I don’t understand German either but I like the music. “Traumblume”, “Glück in Einsamkeit”, and “Romantisch?” are my favorites. The only flaw is that the songs are too similar to each other.

What instrument did you play?


Horvat: I played Bass.

Tauwasser: I use WinRAR. Bad? 7Zip would be an option as well. Our singer is native german, I don’t know what you mean with accent. Maybe it’s because I got used to his style of singing? 😀


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