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I’d like to do a market research where the price-range needs to be to get them sold in case I decide to build them.

This is the current plan:
It’s a 32 slot cartridge so it can hold all commercial games and then some. Switching is made by dip switches through a fitting hole in the cartridge shell. It has non volatile ram that holds the information for all seven commercial games that uses it plus another game and even then some – it has eight more slots of ram that is selectable for any of the other games (homebrews perhaps). Most likely it will be put in an original shell.

So I need to know how much you’re able to pay/willing to pay…

EDIT: There was a poll, I found it now, but it was a seperat button (how convenient…) Well, done is done, go to misterpoll and poll.

Oh… now I noticed there is no poll function on this forum…

BTW I’m expecting the memory circuits alone to cost about $40 per cartridge – but go ahead and vote, maybe I’ll struck gold and find a cheap bunch of them. 😉

Here’s the poll:

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The poll thing was not very well done on newbb, that’s right. You have to open the thread, and AFTER you clicked send, you’re taken to the poll creation page. Or did you know that and it just did not work?

Well, I’ll go and vote now. 😉

I’m used to the poll option being inside where you write your message, but I didn’t see any so I guessed there was none, but then I remembered seeing a poll somewhere and I also notice the POLL-button that I hadn’t seen before – after I registered at misterpoll and made my poll. 😉

It looks like half of the people that have voted so far won’t be able to buy one…

I’m also considering using a 16Mbit ram, µP and a large 512Mbit serial eprom…. It might be cheaper, requires a lot of I/O pins on the µP though. Same type that the FlashBoy has would probably work. Replacing the USB interface with a serial eprom reading code should be quite basic.

How cool would it be having a FlashBoy with a serial eprom holding all cart eproms and an array of dip chips… If set to all zeroes it could work as an ordinary FlashBoy and if set to anything else the corresponding data would load… Throw in a non volatile ram there as well and you would never ever need any other cartridge – ever.

So are you going to make some???

I’ll make one for myself anyhow, we’ll see what the price ends up at, 25 voters is perhaps not statistically certain but if it’s possible to keep it below $80 at least half of the voters are interested.


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