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I was wondering what everyone’s favorite VB song was.
Personally, I’m stuck between Panic Bomber: Count Dracu-Boom and Jack Bros: Grim Reaper’s Cavern. If you wouldn’t mind, could you tell me which of the two I chose you think is better plus your favorite?


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I can’t remember either of those off the top of my head. It seems they failed to make a lasting impression on me! πŸ˜‰
As for my favourite music its from the first level of Vertical Force. Its the first game I played when I got my VB so its also the first music I heard on the system πŸ˜€

out of them 2 i would go for Grime Reapers, only cos i not got panic bomber so don’t know the music.
My favorite, well the one that sticks in my head most, is the opening to Galactic Pinball, just got some top 303 type aciiiid noises in it.

I will have to dig out my Jack Bros and Verticle force to remind myself of the music mentioned.

Out of the two, I’d have to pick Jack Bros. I’ve got lots of songs I like on The VB, but I’ll say I like the boss battle music for Space Squash when you get the boss down to low HP. Here’s a link with both Jack Bros. and Panic Bomber songs on it for those who don’t want to actually get to those parts in the game just to hear the music. I got it from an emulator, so they probably sound a bit different. I haven’t heard the originals in a while, either, although I own both the games. At the link, PB is first and JB is second.

[audio src="http://filmspree.com/songs.wav" /]

I can’t think of any in particular at the moment… but out of those two, definitely JB.


I rather the jack bros music out of jack bros or panic bomber,

my favourite vb music would have to be in teleroboxer, beat all the boxers without losing and vs the cat boxer, the music is awesome on that battle with the cat boxer, i play that boss just to listen to the music and the awesome battle with the cat.

The intro song from Red Alarm… ahhh, it makes such good use of stereo sound and it’s simply epic. It’s also the first music track I heard on the VB.

there was a song in jack bros that i loved. i cant remember which one it was though.


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