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i finally compleet my game collection off Virtual boy.

i whas needing Sd Gundam and whas looking already to find it for a good price for a long time.

Now i whas on vacation in tokio japan and whas walking in Super patato and there it whas standing for a good price mint Boxed
the better thing whas that i also whas getting 20% off discount πŸ™‚

I am so happy now i own all the games usa and japanisch πŸ™‚ finally.

I also have buy a Nintendo 64DD systeem with almost all games ( only 2 needed now to compleet that systeem )

will post pics soon on my account when i come back home in the netherlands.

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Here a picture off my 4 very hard to buy games for virtual boy

And a picture off the full games set USA and Japan

WoW Mawa, that’s a really sweet looking collection…you must have spent a fortune!

Respect though, the SD Gundam game for VB is one I really want.


Congratulations! That is one amazing collection you’ve got 😯 πŸ˜€

nice collection!!, good luck with the 64DD too!

awesome. its awlus nivc to have the whole collection.

ack! i meant ‘always nice’. i must have woken up drunk today.


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