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This is my first post! I’m VB kirby.
I took a lot of time doing this but I managed to translate the first screen in Space Squash. I’m sure there was more plot in the instruction booklet, but I don’t have that.
Here is what the screen says:

You are the soldier of Space Patrol. Recieving the emergency signal from the wrongdoing animal star, you pinpointed the secret base of the Space Thief Nightmare Group which works with the animal star. Board the base and defeat the Nightmare Group!

So basicly the plot is to beat all of the bad guys.

There is also a hidden menu in Space Squash! If you press select on the title screen, you get the training mode option, and the options option.
In training mode, there are 5 targets (one in each corner and one in the middle) the center target will shoot a ball in differing directions. there are 30 balls total. Hitting the targets is the goal. At the end of your 30 balls, it will calculate your accuracy rate.

In the options option, you can adjust the brightness, set different backgrounds in play field, set how many continues you want, (3 or 5)
set how many points to win a round, (2-4) set dificulty, and if you want the background music on or off.

I’m trying to translate some of the virtual fishing manual.
(is Tao a japanese company?)
Hope to be able to post it soon.

VB Kirby


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