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Has anyone else noticed that the blockbuster case has two Virtual Boy stickers (one on top of the other)? It appears as though one was put on upside-down and then another over top.

I thought it was just a fluke, but it must be more than coincidence since I now have two cases like this. Just curious to see if all of them are like this. :question:

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no why?

Yes. I have noticed that myself. I don’t think all cases were like that. If you think about it, it really isn’t all that strange. My case is the same way. Some of the cases were run out with the sticker put on the wrong way. The problem was discovered, then corrected. I have seen cases on ebay where the sticker was still up side down. I never really thought of starting a thread about it though. I was a bit curious if anyone else out there had noticed this.

I have bought a Blockbuster hardcase two days ago and ther’s two stickers too. The first is on the right way and the second (which is under the first one) is sticked on the wrong way…


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