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Ok so Im getting the flashboy within 3-4 days and was wondering whats so good with the flashboy?

yes u can play any game, but I mean the rare vb games have not been made into roms and of the hombrew games the only full games out there if u have 1 vb is simon, virtual pong, tron and blox

So I guess the flashboy is really for the homebrew games coming out withing 1-5 years

Yes I only own 8 vb games so I guess I can play atleast 10-13 new vb games and thats good enought for me to get the flashboy, but still…you know what I mean

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  • This topic was modified 15 years, 9 months ago by akumie.
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Not really… It kind of sounds like you doubting your purchase. If your a collector then nows your chance to put up some of those games, put there dust covers on, put them out of harms way and just use you Flash boy. You could start experimenting with programing but it sure is tough. I don’t even know how to start 😉 and there are some home brew games coming out “I can’t wait!” So yeah wait till you get your Flash boy… You’ll Love it!

This Flash Boy commercial was brought to you by… “Body Wipe! … Skin care for your automobile. Because cars are people too.”

That’s an exert from an old game called Megarace by the way. 🙂


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