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Hey, it’s been a while hasn’t it ?
I recently connected my VB with the flashboy inside to my pc and was supprised to
find out that it was running of the power form the USB plug.

Now, I’am not really sure if that is so healthy for my VB, does anyone know
if I can keep it runnig of that for a longer time ? Because that woulkd make an
easier power sollution.

Anyway I would be glad if someone could help me out.

Virtual Ben

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Wait what? You were running the VB off your flashboy? I don’t even know how that works..but since USB provides less power than 6 AA batteries, not sure you’d want to keep doing that. Very interesting though..

I guess I have to use batteries or the normal power plug.
Thanks for the answer though.

A standard usb port is 5 volts, while a virtual boy runs on 9 volts. You are able to power electronics with different voltages, however, it can be bad for them and shorten their life.

You have to be careful, online (for instance – ebay) sells items that claim to be AC adapters for the NES. The NES also runs on 9 volts, but some ac adapters supply 10 volts. It will indeed power your console, but it will also shorten it’s life. Therefore, if you ever buy an AC adapter of any sort, be sure to check voltages before you buy.

It seems that “voltage problem” with AC adapters are only false rumors…



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