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Thought I would let y’all know there will be a 2-player Hyper Fighting setup at the Let’s Play Gaming Expo June 18-19 in Plano, TX. Can’t wait to see that cord and try to figure out how they made it. Their systems apparently also have the mod to project them in 2D. Anyone from the community or near the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex planning on attending? It’s in Plano north of Dallas. I’m going Sunday morning.


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Hey that’s pretty cool. I love the disclaimer

“Disclaimer: Compete at your own risk. The Nintendo Virtual Boy is urban legendly known for causing headaches. Let’s Play Gaming Expo is not responsible for any ailments or damages caused by using the Nintendo Virtual Boy… despite the fact that nobody had any issues last year.”

Gee, maybe it’s only that, urban legend.


i wish i lived closer – recently padhacked a VB controller to a USB decoder, enabling the use of a PS3 fightstick. Works flawlessly.

Dang I wish i could attend, as it’s a spectacular game. I still have hope for online play (via link cable to PC with software ran online), so I can go against the others who own a copy.

That is cool that they are are doing that. I just wish they spent a few minutes Googling the names of those involved with the mentioned projects (but that just might be the journalist typing).

That sounds fantastic,can’t wait to see pics or videos from this.

Yea, I’ll try to get lots of pics and videos. I’m assuming they won’t be too protective of it or anything. The fellow I was corresponding with was a little coy when I asked who made it, but I didn’t press. It is not unreasonable that he wouldn’t want for the maker of such as thus far rare item to get swamped with requests all of the sudden since he did the guy a favor, though I doubt that would be a major problem. Hopefully I’ll get to talk to someone either who made it or who will direct me to who did. Plus, I would imagine I’ll get a pretty good idea of how it was fabricated just by looking at it. Looking forward too it. Relatedly, too bad I was always a mediocre SF player at best 🙂

I’m sorry I got confused by what you wrote. You asked about who made what exactly? Are you talking about the VB mod that allows it to connect to their projector? He says in the site post that it was done by Furrtek in France.

If you were referring to the link cable, we already have some documented projects on this site for working link cables.


Thanks the the summary of posts. I thought there had been a lot of work done on this by the community but I didn’t look hard enough for the detailed posts I guess. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how they made theirs. Is anyone selling these? I’m quite certain I would screw this up if I tried it myself. It’s like doing major electrical work on my house, by which I mean a man’s gotta know his limits 🙂

They are borrowing mine, which was a beta done by Dogp.

The way I made my cable linked above is fairly easy if you can solder. Other than that, the hardest work is just trimming down the Game Shark connector and getting the pinout right. If you’re worried about messing something electrical up that may cause a fire, just bring it to a friend’s house to test like I did 🙂

You guys are fucking lucky.

KJ4860 wrote:

i wish i lived closer – recently padhacked a VB controller to a USB decoder, enabling the use of a PS3 fightstick. Works flawlessly.

Oh awesome! What USB decoder did you use? Did you have to program it? Have you posted the info about how you did this anywhere?

I love me some fightsticks. 😀


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