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Hey everyone,

I’m a gamer and collector for Nintendo stuff in general – I’m also a member at Nintendage — here is the link (since I’m new here):


Anyway, I was wondering if there are any Flashboy’s left and if so, where to buy them.

Also, I’ve been looking into the VirtualBoy Link cable and see that it had been in development sometime ago. Is there anymore news on that?

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Richard is still making the flashboys.


Contact Mindstorm or email Richard

No, mass production link cable has been made. But, a few people on this site might have the ability to make them.


Awesome! I’ve contacted him. Thanks for the heads up!

That’s a bummer that there aren’t any cables currently available (so to speak – I’m not tech savy enough to make one… T_T)

Hopefully there’s someone that decides to make a batch to sell them. I’ll definitely be in line for one. =)

Welcome! I’m sure you’ll have fun here!!! 🙂

It’s too bad if you’ve missed some of the more excellent games, which have been briefly available from Tusk; but with the Flashboy you’ll still be able to play them. I never thought I would get to play Lab or Bowling (too expensive!), but have played them with the flashboy. I seriously recommend “Bound High”, arguably one of the best games ever made for the VB.

There’s a you-tube video about 30 seconds, of the 1995 3E show — featuring Bound High and Dragonhopper prototypes. It’s sooooo much fun HAVING the Bound High cart.

…and all of us are still longing for Dragonhopper!


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