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Hello I just saw what is a flashboy today and I want to buy one to play some rare games and some custom games but I just saw thats they have no aivalable at the moment. Someone know if they are planning to make another batch?

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Yes, we are considering building another batch in a few months. Please check the site from time to time, I will most likely put up a banner and automated preorder form when the release is close.

And how mush they will cost? How I can preorder one? Can I preorder one write now?

Prices will remain the same – €90.

Preorders will be possible once I know for sure that there will be another batch.

I forgot to notify that I live in Canada. So its the worldwide post will be aivalable for this batch?

Yep. I ship worldwide.

If you are planning to produce a new batch of FlashBoy carts, I also would be interested. I will stay tuned!

Yeah Kr155e, I’d like one too … please make a new batch, like yesterday!


I’m hoping availability and me having sufficient funds to get one happens at about the same time. 😉

I will definitely buy one if another batch can be made 🙂

Just add me to the list as well!

I want one too! 🙂 If there is a list please add me!

I’d love to get one of these should a new batch happen, especially since Bound High just got released!

Count me in for one! Just received my first virtual boy and soon to get an AC adapter and some games.

I will also buy one if another batch is made. I read a review on the FlashBoy, then visited this site to see it was sold out. Then I registered just to post this, and learn about what the site has to offer. Here’s to a new batch! Cheers.

Maybe you can help by finding where to buy the chip stated in this post: the post

Hi, im from Mexico, i want 1 flashboy pls, sorry my english, recently a buy one virtual boy, and y want to test homebrew games and more.

They are currently sold out, it is not known when there will be new flashboys at this moment.

I read that the new batch will be 90 euros and I read that shipping would be 8 euros, but how much would this be in U.S dollars?

118$ more or less . But nowadays euro is going down and problably you’ll buy a “100$ flashboy”

Okay I might get one if a new batch is made it just depends if ive got the extra money.


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