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I just changed the “Recent Posts” block on the frontpage to “Recent Replied Topics”. It now shows not individual posts, but only the topics which were recently replied to. With this collated view there won’t be a single topic “spamming” the whole block anymore, and you’ll get all the news on one look. Now I only need to find a way to automatically jump to the first unread post…

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It will indeed be very nice when/if you figure out the “latest unread” part, but I like it already! It did kinda throw me when I saw all the posts I’ve already read with no “Re:” on them, though 😀 I’ve been thinking of suggesting this very thing, but I thought it would take too much hacking. Glad to see I was mistaken 😉

A couple of suggestions:

1. What about putting the post number (either relative to the thread, or to the entire board) along with the thread title? It would make it a little easier to manually keep track of which posts one has read.

2. How about a link to the first post, so older threads can be easily re-read in their entirety?

Another suggestion: “Recently Replied Topics” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue… Some ideas (caution: machine translation! ;-)):

1. Hot Topics
Wichtige Themen (Probably not the right meaning of “hot”)

2. Popular Topics
Beliebte Themen

3. Recent Discussion
Den letzten Diskussion

4. Recent Replies
Den letzten Antworten

5. Most Recent Replies
Die neuesten Antworten

6. Latest Replies
Neueste Antworten

Are these suggestions for other blocks to add or for a new name for the existing one? What’s wrong with “Recently Replied Topics”? Does it sound bad to a native english speaking person?

“Recently Replied Topics” sounds fine KR155E RunnerPack is just suggesting that you change it to something that sounds better kinda like how Ghost Grabbers doesn’t sound as good as Ghost Busters lol I would hate to see “Recently Replied Topics” go actually.

On vintagegames.se we have a button called “Visa olästa inlägg” translates to “Show unread posts”. When you click it you get a list with all posts that you haven’t opened, very convenient.

Here I usually click “community/forum” then open each part of the forum that have new posts in a new tab, then open each post in that part in new tab and close the “tree” of tabs leaving only the tabs with the actual treads open… It requires a little more clicking than the option mentioned above. But I guess there aren’t as much posts here as on “V.G.” either…

“Recent replies” sounds good to me.

Deadly-D wrote (and RunnerPack punctuated ;-)):
“Recently Replied Topics” sounds fine, KR155E. RunnerPack is just suggesting that you change it to something that sounds better. Kinda like how “Ghost Grabbers” doesn’t sound as good as “Ghost Busters” lol. I would hate to see “Recently Replied Topics” go, actually.

That’s pretty much what I meant. Sorry if I confused you, KR155E! 😀


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