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for those, who are interested in a flashboy, but on a “non-standard” os, it would be interesting to know if the flashboy loader works on their system. i can only confirm that the loader works on windoes xp and vista 32 bit, has anyone tried it on any other os, like win 98?

EDIT: Works on:
Windows XP
Windows Vista (x32)
Windows Vista (x64)
Windows 7
Mac OS (using Boot Camp)

Not working on:

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Just send me one and I’ll test it under any OS you want 😉

Once mine arrives, I’ll gladly test the loader on everything I’ve got:
95, 98, 2000, and ME

I can confirm that it also works fine on vista x64.

I have to agree with RunnerPack’s idea…for a freebie–or even a temporarily loaned unit–I’d be glad to test if it works under a few different Linux distros I use!


I would test it in Linux under Wine but I’m afraid of damaging my Flashboy if the usb hook in Wine doesn’t act as it’s supposed to.

I have tested it in Windows 7 (public beta) and it works fine.

I tested the Flashboy app under Linux using Wine. Didn’t appear to do anything(not even mount a pseudo com port under the ~/.wine/dosdevices directory) so the Flashboy app didn’t read it as connected.


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