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Hi everybody. I’m new here and stuff, so I decided to make a welcome topic. I hope that’s okay.

But anyway, about myself. I am an avid gamer and have 13 consoles or so. I really like my Virtual Boy with 2 games (Wario Land and Mario’s Tennis) and also my N64. I am not experienced with the VB, so please, when I post, bear with me. Sorry. D:

Otherwise, yeah. I do have a question – my virtual boy recently stopped working. I am going to explain my full story in detail, but I don’t know where. Can someone tell me if you have enough of those topics? Lastly, can I send my VB into someone (DogP, if he goes here) to get it fixed?

Quate 😎

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If your problem is like the other hundreds of threads with the glitchy display problem, then you just need to follow the guidelines posted here for repairing. The tough part might be to actually get a bit/screwdriver that fits the VB tho.



Hi Tauwasser. I have read the repair topics multiple times in detail and cannot make heads or tails of them. I am actually much younger than others may think, so there is a very small chance I would be able to do this. But thank you anyway.

My other question still stands, though – is there any chance at all I can mail it in to somebody? Thanks,


I’d suggest you PM DogP. Even if he can’t repair it himself, I’m sure he’ll be able to talk you through the procedure in a way you can understand. He’s pretty helpful 😉

My vb got the glitchy display in the right eye and now in the left my dad had to like others have said edit a screwdriver so it will fit and unscrew the screws wich i must say were very tight inside the virtual boy and if the head of the screws in the virtual boy snapped itd be hard to get them out

how old are you quate im 15 turning 16

i will have to get my dad to fix the left eye because im gettin some vb games for christmas lol

dogp’s method with the chemicals to get that plastic part when you open the vb up and wanna re solder the part thats makin it all glitchy didnt wanna work id say we did it wrong but my dad used a fine sandpaper and managed to be able to re solder it after doing that

i must thank dogp though for how to getting the vb open and a guide for all of it this site rocks!

just a question but how long does wario land for the VB take to finish like estimate? and does it have a good storyline and ending

i got it on my computer but theirs no sound and i dont wanna ruin it im gon buy it for the VB

ONE more question is that i was looking for Midi files for music to add in my game for game maker and found a virtual boy one with mario tennis doubles music and galactic pinball music and their was a metroid music for galactic pinball

is their such thing as a metroid theme music in galactic pinball for the VB?


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