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Ok, so i have a HP laptop with like 4gb of ram, and runs on Windows 10. I just got my flashboy today and used the wire it came with to connect it to my Laptop , put a game in the flashboy, and when it plugged into my laptop, it never made a noise, it showed up in my options section, but there was no little sound when it connected. I tried downloading two different softwares to run it, but one can’t seem to even recognize i have the flashboy plugged in while the other keeps giving a “Operation failure” message when i try to read the info on my cart. Would anyone be able to help? I really just wanna download my pokemon saves so i can transfer them to the Virtual console on 3DS

Here’s the flashboy i bought: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1PC-Flash-Boy-3-1-Cyclone-GBC-GBA-ROMS-Game-Cartridge-Flasher-Dumper-USB-Cable/383585353876?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

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Sooo the Flashboy you got is a dumper/flasher for Game Boy games, but “Flashboy” or “Flashboy+” is also the name of a flashable cartridge for Virtual Boy, which is the topic of this sub-forum. So you might not get many responses or help with your issue, since we don’t know about that specific device.

Someone might be able to help, but in case nobody does, just know that we’re not trying to be rude. 🙂


Reminds me of an old dock based/usb GBA kit I had probably 15 years ago where it could read/write games and their saves too either to a flash cart it came with, or at least with saves, to a legit game.

You know your honest best bet would be despite the name of the site, try GBAtemp forums. They’ve been around 20 years now and they’ve gone between skirting the law to just being a legit site that covers the hacks, releases (not actual rom downloads), kits, etc. People there can give you help on it, probably step by step or point you to someone who really can. I’ve been a member there off and on for most of that time, still keep an account there, so trust me they’re likely to be able to help more than anywhere else.


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