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We wish express our thanks to everyone involved in the support of the FlashBoy+! Pre-orders, spare parts orders, spreading the word, & manual feedback. All this help make the resurrection of the FlashBoy+ a success!

With all past FB+ pre-orders shipped/complete, we now have FlashBoy+ in stock. We’ll ship future FB+ orders during regular Virtual boy building cycles.

Sadly, the FB+ did have minor price increase. Yet, when the microcontroller, that FB+ uses, get into higher production (currently in with chip shortages) we’ll aim lower the price again.

In other news, a new plastic blend going to be re-run in mold. The aim to replicate the original Virtual Boy ABS. Current order be with current injection molded stock that no complete either.

Extra thanks to those who provided feedback on the FlashBoy+ manual! We just did a big Rev B update/release. See attachment or Vintex64 links:

Also, one more minor FB+ surprise still coming in months ahead. So stay tuned.

All the best,

The Vintex 64 Team

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