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Finished up a personal virtual ribbon install the other day and when actually going to check the screens theres still persistent line issues that never go on. Ive checked continuity from the ribbon to the led board and even to the main unit multiple times and its all coming up fine. Is it possible my led boards are just bad? The unit clearly had some work attempted on it before and im wondering if they accidentally fried a trace or something

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I know that this isn’t much help but I am having allot of the same problems I have horizontal lines and they come and go and even sometimes the entire display disappears. I have found out though re soldering the ribbon cable clamp and/or plugging in the other display helps a little bit. I have rang out each connection on mine and everything comes out fine. Still can’t figure out the problem.

Hey, sorry this upgrade isn’t working for ya. There are a lot of variables I cover in my install video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTYOS5VwIDw), however, let me also ask:

1. Can you show close-up pics of your install?
2. How many years of SMD soldering experience do you have (suggested 10+ years in the video). Do you have all the tools from the video?
3. Did you use NC-559 flux?
4. Did you test continuity across the ribbon from VB motherboard to the small pitch eye connector?

For most people, I *highly* recommend the install service:



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