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“Flights of Fantasy” was a TV show dedicated to video games that was created in the mid-1990s and hosted by George Wood. Due to being broadcasted on a small Maryland public-access channel, the show was not widely known, until in the 2006, the NAViGaTR association archived the entire series, edited each episode and put it onto YouTube as renamed “Gaming in the Clinton Years”.

Wood seems to have been a fan of the Virtual Boy as it was featured numerous times on the show. In episode #50 it was even predicted that the Virtual Boy would be more successful than the Playstation or the Saturn…

The team attended a few tradeshows, recording precious footage of Virtual Boy booths and demos at E3 and WCES in 1995, while most other publications did not care much about it. You can see Wood walking around the E3 show with a Nintendo spokesman while wearing a Virtual Boy cap in one episode.

Find a total of 7 videos here.

For more Flights of Fantasy you might want to check out the following Youtube channels:
Who wants to see my …?
Flights of Fantasy TV Show

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