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I have a VFX1 Virtual Reality headgear from Forte Technologies for sale. It’s fully working, complete in its box, with everything: the cyberpuck controller, cards, etc.+ a PCI video card with the slot to connect the helmet. I sell it as it is, since I don’t have a computer with MS-DOS to test it. If you are interested, I can get it out of the attic and take some pics of it.

I can assure you it worked when I was heavily into Virtual Reality, and I got to play Doom and other DOS games, and I take A LOT of care for things I collect. Be aware: the helmet is old hardware, so do NOT expect it to run on Windows Vista with Doom 3 or similar things. There are schemes in the Internet on how to make a VGA Box for it, but you need to have electricity and circuitry knowledge to make it, as well as a lot of free time, which I don’t have. You also need a lot of time to invest on it to get it working (get a computer with MS-DOS, plug the VESA card, make the connector of the card go on to use the VR helmet, etc.), so if you think this is “buy it –> plug it –> play VR”, just forget about it. Go buy a Virtual Boy instead 😀


Price: €100 (Minimum)

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