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Feel has released a beta Space Squash translation patch. It translates the game to english except a few lines (Intro, Character names, Controls).


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There are a few misspellings/typos, and the “m” character has a superfluous pixel (look carefully at the screenshot) but otherwise it’s a great job.

ah yes, now that you say it. be sure to report any errors you find to feel so he can incorporate the fixes in to a new version, if there will be one.

Well… I don’t know how to contact him except through PVB, and he hasn’t been on here in a month…

I guess I’ll PM him, but he’ll probably see these comments first.

(He filled out the contacts part of his profile like a Yes/No test, LOL!)

Thanks! I’m still here!
There hasn’t been an update, because I simply don’t know how to change the other things yet!


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