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I am offering my complete Virtual Boy collection plus 6 games and the original headphones for sale, I am asking for 250 Euros.

The set includes:

1 Virtual Box (US-Version), boxed, mint condition, no display errors or other malfunctions with Mario’s Tennis included and all instructions
1 original Virtual Boy Stereo Headphones (Japanese), *never* opened box


– Mario’s Tennis (US), Pack-in Version
– Virtual Boy Warioland (US), boxed
– Panic Bomber (JP), boxed
– Virtual League Baseball (JP), boxed
– V-Tetris (JP), boxed
– T&E Golf (JP), boxed

Everything comes with full manuals and boxes in mint condition. All items were bought new from me and have been used at maximum 10-20 hours. The Virtual Boy was sitting most time on a shelf. The 4 Japanese games and the headphones were bought new, in Tokyo, Akihabara (I can even provide the receipts).

Questions and offers to: adrian.glaubitz@googlemail.com


Price: €250 ()

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