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I’m planning on repairing 10 or so of my own VB systems in a few weeks, so I figured I’d see if anyone’s looking to get their displays fixed, while I’m doing mine. I’m offering a one-time deal to solder them for free… just pay shipping (if you send just the displays). If you want to ship the whole VB system, rather than just the displays, add $10 (US dollars) per system (and shipping will probably be higher).

-Limit 4 displays (2 systems) per person, and you must have been a member on this site with at least one post, before this posting. I’m looking to help out fellow VB fans keep their systems playing, not sellers looking to make more money by selling working VBs.

-I’m limiting this offer to 40 displays (20 systems) total, at least initially… first to PM get priority. While I wish I could fix every VB in the world, it does take time, and unfortunately, I can’t take a week off work to fix VBs. πŸ˜‰

-I can’t guarantee that your displays will be repairable, though I have yet to come across a truly failed display that wasn’t damaged by misuse/botched repair attempts.

-They will be fully tested, but I can’t offer a warranty.

-Please pack them well… I will be reusing your packaging to send them back. For the return shipping cost, add $2 to what it cost to ship to me, to cover Paypal fees and possible slight difference in return shipping cost.

-The displays must arrive before May 18th. I will be repairing mine during that weekend, and while I have everything set up, and while I’m in VB repair mode, I’ll be doing all of them. That also means that they won’t be shipped back until after the 18th.

-I’m in the USA, though international is fine… of course shipping will be more expensive.

Here’s a pic of one of my own displays I repaired: .

Anyway… drop me a PM if you want in on this.


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This is an awesome offer!

PM sent.

PM Sent! Thank you so much for offering to do this! I’m going to send a little extra for beer fund purposes.. just wait until AFTER you fix all those displays before cracking one open!!

Hey DogP!

That’s a great offer.
You are a friendly guy!
The comunity thank you so much.


thats a great offer

PM sent. what a crackin offer. really hope only genuine VB fans who want to preserve their own systems apply.

Just a heads up… we’re just under half the total available slots filled, so if you’re interested, definitely let me know soon. It’s good to see that we’re gonna get a good chunk of systems fixed for good. πŸ™‚



Very nice initiative DogP! I hope most of the people taking you up on the offer are indeed genuine VB fans and are not doing it to make a profit off of you.

Not to forget, that you helped out in finding yet another way of repairing VB displays easy!


PM’d for two! This is fantastic. How do I paypal someone a beer??

PM’d. Hope there’s some room left in your generous offer! πŸ™‚

Okay… well I’ve got good news and bad news.

First, the good news is that 40 displays will be getting repaired. πŸ™‚

The bad news is that the last spot just filled up. πŸ™ If you’re not on the list, feel free to PM me to get on a wait list. If there aren’t too many more, I may be able to squeeze you in. If there are a bunch more, I’ll add you to a possible round 2, which could happen, depending how the first round goes.


Dropped mine in the mail yesterday – you should be seeing them on Saturday! Thanks again, I’ll get PP sent to you ASAP!

Just a quick last-minute bump… the boxes are starting to pile up, and I’m planning to do these this weekend, so if you haven’t gotten them in the mail yet, get moving. πŸ™‚


I had all the boxes/envelopes stacked up, and it reminded me of Christmas… so I snapped a pic. I purposefully blurred it to protect your identities. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I’m working on them tonight, but unfortunately I’m still waiting on a couple packages. I’m sliding the cutoff until Tuesday, and will (hopefully) be shipping everything out Wednesday (so they should be back to most of you for some weekend VB goodness). πŸ™‚



I see mine with the Duck Tape, ha! Thanks!

HA, that’s pretty cool. Have fun doing the repairs. =)

The comunity thank you so much.

Haha yes. I honestly forgot I even sent the guy to you until yesterday when I noticed I only had a power adapter, legs and a controller lol.

I paid you this morning for shipping + extras. Thanks again. I owe you and mindstorm a lot.

The repaired displays shipped out Wednesday… so a lot of you should be receiving them Friday and Saturday. They all worked great after repair.

One thing to note: there’s a pretty consistent problem where the cables are dimpled from where they’ve been in contact with the socket on the motherboard side for 17+ years… this ends up causing a glitchy display problem as well. The easy solution is to simply pull the cable out a tiny bit.

When you push the display cable into the LIF socket, you’ll feel a little bit of tension, and then you’ll feel it sorta pop into place. That means you went too far. Just pull it out a tiny bit, where you feel a little bit of tension, and you’ll be good to go.

I’d say about half of the displays did that… so I just wanted to mention that, as you’re reinstalling your displays, to: 1) not push it in all the way, and 2) test it before completely reassembling (so you don’t have to disassemble it if you pushed it all the way in).

There probably are other ways to deal with it… you may be able to use a roller or something to undimple the cable, or slide a piece of paper above the cable to increase pressure… or even trim a tiny bit off the end of the cable so you can push the cable in beyond the dimple… but simply pulling it out a tiny bit does the job, and there is enough tension that you shouldn’t have to worry about it moving during normal use or shipping.

What this also means is that in 17 years, you may need to pull the VB apart again to deal with the new dimples in the cable. πŸ˜›




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