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I am so FRUSTRATED. Don’t reply to this post if you don’t want to..or read it. I’m just writing to get it out of my system.

I just got a 3DS about 3 (?) weeks ago. And, I like it. I have 5 games atm..beat Mario land already..played Mario kart 7 quite a few times (having trouble getting to play online with other people..but other then that..going well), madden is better then people have said in the reviews, and Zelda is in the mail.

But, one of the unique things about the 3DS is streetpass. If you have your 3ds and you go near someone (100 ft ?) with a 3ds..you can exchange a little greeting..and puzzle piece and it’s kinda cool. I live in Henderson, Kentucky..I don’t expect much streetpass’s to happen..but last Monday I was in Evansville Ind and got one at the mall…cool (I actually went there to see if I might get one). So, googled a few times to see if Evansville has a big 3ds community that might meet up from time to time. Found a few small reverences, but found a 3DS forum with a guy from Evansville who asked a similar question. http://3dsforums.com/

So, I tried to join the forum, to contact the person..and that’s when everything started falling apart.

Can’t even remember the user name..had it written down..might be bigmak also. Asked for the activation email. Never came. Waited a few hours..checked my junk mail..nothing. So, the next day went back and it had a button to send to an admin if you were having problems. Made a short note..not receiving the activation email…try my alternate email address xxxx@gmail.com. And waited..never got an email. A few days later…created another account with a different username and that gmail email address. No activation email. The next day tried to PM the guy I wanted to talked to..and it wouldn’t let me. Said, without an activated account, I can only PM 1 of 10 people (I guess admins ?). So, I PM’ed one of the people and asked for help. That was yeterday.

So, today I was hoping I could see some progress..but didn’t see anything on the gmail account. Logged in and asked for another activation email…looked at gmail and found the Junk folder (it wasn’t obvious) ..it had 3 activation emails in it. Clicked on the latest one and started my account. SUCCESS.

G-mail got another email…welcome to the forum ect..

Spent about a minute on the forum reading some of the new information. Tried to post and was told:

“You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never”

WHAT ?? I haven’t even been able to post on the site..talk to anyone..I Pm’ed one person to ask for help (was not rude or a long post (like this one)) Still haven’t been able to talk to the guy about streetpasses in Evansville. ASDFASDFASDFASDDFASDFASDAAFSDGASDGHAED

Never got an email about anything….

Just frustrated.

It had a link to mail a webmaster about the ban and ask questions..but jeez they never got back to me about not being able to set up an account. Mailed them…but I’m not expecting anything back.

A week and a half, I’ve just been trying to PM a guy…PUUUH

Oh well, I was so upset I wanted to throw my 3DS out the window..but instead I wrote this.


Maybe this Sat. I’ll just walk around the Mall 😛

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Dude that site sucks, bad admin, no help, not what we are used to around these parts.

Streetpass is pretty cool, i don’t get many, think 3 in one go is the most, but i did get one on my drive home last night, i guess someone had one in a car near me, or someone waiting at a bus stop.

Care to share your FC with VB community, mine and a few others are in this post:

I got MK7 and want to do some online with folks i kind of know, but not managed yet, more FC better chance.

My wife was able to make an account and I had her do 2 posts for me. She is now banned 🙂 for having multiple accounts. My reply-

Please stop making duplicate accounts. Your original account, “bigmak”, is still active and available for use.

My original bigmak account can’t recieve an activation email. I have asked you to change the email to my gmail account. I never recieved an activation email for that account. You have never responded to me asking you to change my listed email to a client that can receive your activation email.

I did start another account as echo-fx. I was able to activate this account, it was banned within a min of me activating the account and I was unable to post or PM. I never received an answer to why this account was banned. My questions were unanswered and I had no way to contact anyone any other way.

I asked my wife if she could join and post for me. The silverecho is her account. You have banned that account also now for a duplicate account.

To summarize:

I can’t use my main account until you change the email address and send an activation.

You have banned the account that I got to work the the other email address.

You have banned my wife’s account she just started yesterday.

You don’t respond to these emails to the webmaster/admin (which you put here for registration/banning issues)

I don’t know why I am bother writing, after 4 emails with my problems your only response has been to ban me, and now my wife.

Hey Hedgetrimmer, I remember reading a post of yours where you talked about getting scratches on your 3DS screen. You said to put a cloth or some edges on the screen so it wouldn’t hit the bottom. I was just wondering if you had any particular pads that you used and would recommend ?


bigmak wrote:
Hey Hedgetrimmer, I remember reading a post of yours where you talked about getting scratches on your 3DS screen. You said to put a cloth or some edges on the screen so it wouldn’t hit the bottom. I was just wondering if you had any particular pads that you used and would recommend ?


I have had 2 sets of pads on, the second being thicker and spacing the screens farther apart. They were just sticky pads i found here at work, no idea what for but suited my purpose so i used them. They are quite hard rubber and i cut them with a craft knife.
I did a little image of the position i put them in as i found i still got a bit of marking with pads in the corners, so put in new ones to touch the lower screen edge, hope this helps.



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