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hi all,

new to the boards and to vboy emulation which i’m trying to add to my arcade machine. i can easily play games using the launcher, which is fantastic, but i need to be able to launch thru a command line with my front end.

i read the readme but man, there are a ton of options. i simply want to run realityboy plainly, meaning;

1024×768 fullscreen
single display (no 3d)

also, is there anyway to map controls to user defined keys?

any help is appreciated and thank you!

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Is there a particular reason you want to use Reality Boy rather than Mednafen 0.9.x? Besides being more efficient, more compatible, and actively developed, the latter also has a more logical command-line interface as well as robust configuration file support. In fact, being a multi-system emulator, you could probably replace a number of your cab’s emulators with it and make the whole thing simpler (for example, it’s also my favorite GBA emulator).

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a link:


BTW, this thread is a bit off-topic for this forum…


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