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Hey everyone,

a while ago I did build myself a furrtek servo emulator to consolize my Virtual Boy. It’s pretty much just a chip that tells the motherboard that the servos are still there even though they aren’t. This allows for a very small VB when using the furrtek video out.

The materials needed to make the servo is super cheap (~1,50 €) and it only takes like 15 minutes to make one if I add wires and a connector socket. For just the chip it’s like one minute.

With the socket and the wires it’s more or less plug and play. Without you will need to solder on some wires yourself (which is super easy).

I have parts for maybe 9 more lying around. If you want one I would just ask for the shipping costs. Of course, if you want to pay more you are welcome to do so.

I would like to add that I’m not a pro when it comes to soldering, so the result will look rather sloppy. RetroDan is working on a plug & play board right now. If you looking for something easy with high quality you should wait for his solution.

I will also make a video that explains in detail how the servo is made.

You can send me a PM or post here. Remember to tell me if you want the connector or just the chip. If allot of people want one (which I doubt) I will prioritize stronger community members.


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Nice work!

This is awesome, excited to see the finished consolized VB’s people are working on 🙂

Nice work! 🙂

RetroDan is working on a plug & play solution? Is there anymore information about this? Would we still need to buy the Furrtek VirtualTap?

EDIT: nvm I was thinking this was in regards to the VirtualTap. Really hoping for an easy solution for video out.

This is too cool!

Thanks everyone. I’m using this as an experiment to see who much work it is to distribute stuff myself (and what the costs are). So far I’ve only sent out a few but learned stuff on the way. Sadly the guy from Japan who wanted one never replied.

I can make maybe 5 more in case someone wants one.

This is the prototype of my solution. Seems to work pretty well.


RetroDan wrote:
This is the prototype of my solution. Seems to work pretty well.

Looks cool. Wanna trade? I send you 5 of mine and you send me 5 of yours?

I only had 3 made, one of which is in this picture. I’m going to redesign it at a later point to be far more space-efficient, and I want to transition to SOIC instead of DIP.

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