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My program won’t work with my FlashBoy+. To make sure my FlashBoy+ worked okay, I put another game on it and it works. But this one doesn’t. And there’s this super long pause before it even starts in Mednafen. What am I doing wrong? I attached the entire project. Why why why?!

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I figured it out. An error in the .vbh file. The game title was 21 characters long instead of 20.

I am glad you resolved your issue, I for one am looking foward to playing this =)

Here is the title screen. I think I resolved the issues I had with the flickering on a real Virtual Boy.

I’m back and working on this again. Right now this is just a title screen, but I plan to make a full-fledged game out of this.

Tomorrow I’ll work on jumping. And then it’s on past the title screen.

I guess I should have checked to see if it worked first. This works great on a real VB. I used a FlashBoy to test it. You can now press A to jump.


Is that some original music you composed in the background? Sounds pretty nice!

Yes, I composed the music.

There is a huge discrepancy between the title screen and in-game. The in-game seems a lot slower than the title screen. But it was a huge ordeal to just not make it flicker like crazy on a real VB. I do not remember it being this hard to program for. I’m using the Soviet sound engine and the tempo of the title screen music is 20. Well, for the in-game music to sound the same, I had to set it to 10. That’s how big of a difference there is. And if I try to program it any other way than what I have now, it flickers like crazy on a real VB so I have to do it this way. To start the game, press Start.

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Well, apparently the discrepancy fixed itself. I don’t know how. This is my final build for today. It’s almost 10 p.m. and I’m sick of this. I’ll be back at work on it tomorrow. Download this and play it and let me know if you see any weirdness, especially related to jumping. I spent 5 minutes with it on VB and I think I may have fixed the floating and rising in air problems I had earlier. But if not let me know.

The Craig the Cranberry website is born. You can check it out here: http://www.atari2600land.com/vbdev/craig.html It links to the Mednafen emulator page on Planet VB. If you’d rather me just link to the main page, just let me know and I’ll change it. Anyway, I added a hole for Craig to jump over. Of course they had to make it really hard and have blank tiles in the map be transparent and not black. So I had to make a new tile map and change the palette.

And now a plea. Can we PLEASE have signatures on this forum? I promise not to put pictures in it and limit it to 3 lines. Other forums have these limits, why not this one?


Can someone explain to me why pressing certain buttons slows down the game and then pressing other certain buttons make it go faster? I’m going to give up if nobody will care about helping me.

I can’t really help with any testing or engine knowledge, but what I can do is recommend you ask around in the discord, I usually see a lot of questions answered there. Good luck with the game! (I hope Craig gets his car back :P).

Hey VirtualChris. I don’t have the knowledge to help you but I’ve tried out the rom and like what you’ve got so far. I agree with The Red Menace in that it might be worth asking in the discord. Hope you keep up the good work 🙂

New version on the site that works great.

Added a health meter and enemy. You’ll take damage if you touch the enemy, so it’s best not to.


I pondered this one for a long time. I wanted to have a ?-block type thing, like in Mario games. But I didn’t want to use a ? because Nintendo already used it in Mario games. So I thought “What can I do to put items in and not have them simply be laying on the ground?” Then it hit me: What comes out of the ?-blocks? Items. So I made it the I-block. (i is short for ‘item’.) A can of cranberry juice restores Craig’s health to full. You hit the I-Block from below like a ?-block, and then the ?-block breaks open and a can appears floating and you jump up and get it and it restores your health.


I am going to take a short break on the game. To ponder what should happen next with the game. My main influence of this game is Kirby 64. I’ve wanted a Mario type game for the Virtual Boy that isn’t Wario Land.


Sounds interesting. You got some good ideas here. I’d definately be down for another virtual boy platformer. Are the features you mentioned above in the current ROM on the Craig the Cranberry website?

Yes, the version on the website is the most current one.

I’m back working on this again. I think the scrolling background in the level intro screen looks pretty cool. It should, since I spent all of last night working on it.
In the next update, I will have fixed the cloud issues in the main game.


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