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Hey, everyone.

This isn’t specifically VB related, but I like this community a lot and so I wanted to give you all a heads up about a personal project of mine.

Like (probably) a lot of you, I’ve been searching for ways to occupy my time during what seems poised to be a very dark winter. I’ve decided I’m going to try publishing a small, occasional newsletter/blog about finding, selling, and obsessing over video games.

I’ve been collecting for about 15 years. I’m a deal hunter, and I do a lot of reselling to bring my overall spend down. This has been a great way to build a collection at almost zero net cost. But: aggressively chasing cheap games puts me in a lot of weird situations, and fighting for deals frequently forces me to ask questions about the direction of the retro gaming market, the ethics of buying low and selling high, and my own greed.

Do you want to spend 10 minutes, a couple times a month, reading about my finds and eavesdropping on my internal monologue as I try to figure out what compels me to keep buying all this stuff???

Then check out GAME HOARDER. And consider signing up for the newsletter so that new posts go directly to your inbox. It’s free, and I promise I won’t waste your time (too much).

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Part two is now online. It’s the story of how and why I bought a giant mystery box of PS1 and Dreamcast games — and what I found inside.

Read it here, and please consider subscribing so you get future posts in your email inbox.

Part three, in which I consider what it means for a game to be “rare” and talk about a recent SNES find, will be online in a week or two.


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