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Hi All,

I know on the internet, there are a bunch of methods of fixing the ribbon cables. Some… like the oven method, are just not very good ideas. My first set I fixed, I used the tip of a soldering iron, and while it did (eventually) work… I had to heat, and check several times before it was solid. I switched to a sealing iron… and it has worked every time. It’s safe, and easy to do. I think the new boards, and ribbons are great… but this can save what’s already there. Oh… I also use the ribbon clamp from Benn Heck.

Just as an FYI… over the last few months, one of the used game stores has asked me to repair game systems for him. The tech he was using was unreliable, and I wasn’t really working because of COVID. After a while, I was posting pictures of what I Was fixing, and some of the stuff I would find. (Roaches and other nasty stuff in the systems) Eventually… the owner talked me into recording some of the fixes. (he was in video production before opening his shop) So… that’s why I started my YouTube channel.

Here is my method of fixing the cables. I just posted it this morning. My channel is only a couple weeks old… if you want to give me some feedback… I would appreciate it.

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Thank you for the video! My experience is that methods that work with heat are short-lived and need to be repeated frequently. How long does the fix last for you?

I do it nearly the same way for my two VB’s. And yes it is short lived. It works for arround 6 month because first time i was i bit to careful with the heat. And the second time now it worked for nearly 2 years before it becomes bad again. This time i dose it same as last time but additionally i added a tesa stripe over it for isolation and a verry hard clamping metal clamp that press it down too. We will see if this will work longer or forever 🙂
I would also love to get mine soldered but i didnt whant to do it myself and as im from germany i need to finde some one in europe that can solder it.

6 month isn’t bad at all. My hairdryer method only works for 1-2 weeks. 😀

Hi guys.

My personal VB is well over a year now with quite a bit of play time. AND… I often put it in my case, and take it to family gatherings… so I’m not babying it at all. I’m guessing the clamps are the real saving point. Once sealed back down… the extra pressure helps.


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