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I deleted the Game Ideas section, I think it better belongs in the Forum. But to not lose the submitted ideas, here’s what users have sent in. From now on, please use the Forum for posting game ideas.

Castlevania: Melody of Mourning by Deadly-D
Corpse Killer by Deadly-D
Doom VB by Freeze
Double Dragon II: The Revenge by Aaron Bossig
Sonic 3D by Jean Mariaud
The 3-D Battles of WorldRunner by Nate DiDonato
The Legend of Zelda: Virtual Stone by Deadly-D
VB Monkey Island by Freeze
Virtual Ghouls ‘n Ghosts by XJaPaN
Virtual South Park by Bryant
Wolfenstein 3D by Deadly-D

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hope some of these games will be made within 2 years, I really hope the castlevania one will be made…think about it, a unique castlevania game where you can jump in the background like in Wario land…Now that would be cool 🙂

Dream Games:

*Falldown(where you must fall down through available holes of fast approaching floors)
*PilotWings Redeye
*Bahamut Lagoon 3D
*Panzer Dragoon Rieg

I second Falldown… I’ve been starting to work on a version of that for years, but I never can really get into it. I used to love playing that on the TI-86 though. When I was working on getting the affine stuff figured out for Mario Kart, I kept imagining Pilotwings and F-Zero… but IMO Mario Kart is the best of those games and most worthy of the time.

I also agree that we need a real FPS… something like Wolf3D or Doom.



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