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In a week, I’ll have all exams finished for this semester, and will then have lots of free time for nearly two weeks. So I thought about dedicating a whole day to trying out a project I’d like to call the “Game in A Day” project (or “GIAD”). What’s this? Well, I’d like to spend a whole day writing a game for the Virtual Boy from scratch and see what I can come up with to release at the end of the day. Due to the time limit it won’t be anything complicated, probably more of a mini game. I had a Snake game on my mind for example, or Pong, but that has been done already. πŸ˜‰

What do you guys think? Might someone even be interesting in doing the same thing? This could be some kind of mini competition hold on the same day, or we could have a whole line of GIAD experiments from various people. πŸ™‚

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well I dont know, but of all the basic games I would really like to see a pacman game with some unique vd features…maybe pacman but a bit like in vertical force where the next level is under the first level, if u know what I mean

That’d be pretty cool… I’d have to think of something cool to make that I could do quickly. I assume it wouldn’t really be a competition, but just something fun to do? Of course for a lot of us, “from scratch” is a copy/paste of a lot of old code to make something new, but it’d still be pretty cool.

Not sure about anyone else, but the part of making games that I dread the most is making the graphics (and I guess sound)… what might be interesting (although maybe less fun since it may limit ideas) would be to post a set of graphics (and maybe audio) and say make a game in one day using stuff from this collection of media. Then see what people come up with. Of course the media would have to be pretty non-specific so people could use their imagination, but it’d be interesting to see what people come up with. And I guess non-programmers could submit proposals of what they would have made with the resources available.


Right, just for fun, not a real competition. And, yeah, “from scratch” does not have to mean that we can’t recycle old code, it just means that we start working on the game on that day and not pick up an old project or something.

I am pretty sure now that I want to make a Snake game, I mean the game logic itself should be very easy to write, and I could spend the rest of the time on the graphics, maybe different modes and settings, highscore lists etc. πŸ˜‰

The idea of using the same set of graphics sounds pretty cool, but I guess it would be limiting and it would be better to create graphics specially for the type of game one makes? For the GIAD project, existing graphics could be used though, to save time?

BTW, I have found your VB Art Repository thread again yesterday, and I can’t believe I totally forgot about that. I put that very high on my ToDo list for next week. πŸ™‚

Sweet… yeah, the Art Repository would be awesome. I know at least I personally would use it often.


this sounds like a great idea, but maybe it could be fleshed out into something a little larger without losing its original intent. if there was a certain set of graphics and sounds that could be used (though making your own wouldn’t be looked down upon) perhaps there would be an overall theme. since the games are short mini games with the same graphic theme, perhaps once a good amount of them are made someone could put them all together sort of like warioware. i think that would be pretty cool and would really get the vb scene moving with high score competitions and the like.

Any plans on doing GIAD? I’ve finished my classes for the semester, so I’ll have some free time to throw something together if you’re still planning on doing it.


No, sorry. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of the semester and have too much to do. But don’t let this stop you if you want to write a small game!

BTW, originally, VUE Snake was my GIAD project, but I decided not to release it at the end of the day, to spend a bit more time on it for adding more modes, the highscore list, the intro and polishing the look and feel, so it took about three days in total.

Heh… doh. I don’t have any really good ideas that I’ve come up with yet, but if I do, I’ll probably try to throw something together. I thought it’d be pretty cool if a bunch of us threw together mini demos and had another new release party like the day after the competition πŸ™‚ .


Yep, indeed! Altough I think that we should drop the GIAD idea and rather finish those mini games instead of rushing them out. Like I did with VUE Snake. The game would be much less interesting if it was only half finished, without the Highscore list for example.

BTW, I hope you’re still going to finish Mario Kart. πŸ™‚

Yup… I doubt I’d release a game in a day unless it’s actually finished… more than likely it’d be GIAFD (Game In A Few Days), where I basically devote a whole day to coding, then tying up some loose ends over the next couple days. Unless of course there were a bunch of us doing a GIAD, then I’d release whatever I had so we can all enjoy them at once.

But no… Mario Kart is dead… I’m sick of it… heh, j/k! I’ve got a cool hardware project I’m trying to get done first, then I’ll get back to it.


Maybe we could do something like Wario Ware. We could come up with a spec for the design and each person tries to come up with a full microgame in a day. Then we could string the whole load into a full image.

Ive had an idea for a VB game for months now, the game would be called Virtual Arcade Classics the game would have many classic arcade games on it such as Star Wars, Tempest, Battlezone, and a origonial game called space attack which is where you control a space ship from a first person perspective where you can choose your own planets and shoot at space ships [this is not a rip off of red alarm or star fox] If any one thanks that this is a good idea please respond.

one thing you really should do is instead of releasing each mini game as a rom you should sell a vb catridge that has like 10 mini games in 1 catridge


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