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Details below. Page 11 and Page 191 are the most exciting and I believe new content for PlanetVB!

Page 7 – TOC, with page for winning a VB
Page 9 – Photo of the VB
Page 11 – Hudson Soft details their “HuVB System”, a VB software tool!
Page 13 – PS “low price version and VB released same day
Page 21 – Discussion about the future releases for the VB (no details provided)
Page 135 – VB software release lineup for August and September 1995. Some unreleased games discussed
Page 136 – Vertical Force shown as released
Page – T&E Soft Golf Ad
Page 178 – Crossword Puzzle to win a VB
Page 191 – screenshots and details of Space Squash, Virtual Bomberman, and Warioland
Page 193 – Discussion on a new VB commercial about Panic Bomber
Page 195 – The software index for this magazine



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