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Game Theory takes a look at the reason for the Wii U’s poor sales by comparing it to what had happened almost 20 years ago with the Virtual Boy

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Wii U has sold over 5 million by now for christ sake.

How the hell do the games released not make good use of the technology? Red Alarm is a GREAT example of how the 3D effect can take a bunch of lines and give them spacial depth so that our brains can make good sense of it all.

Not to mention one of the first lines:
“have you read the headlines lately?”
Yeah…I’m gonna base my opinions on headlines from story hungry journalists. If I wanted information that’s blown way out of proportion I’d watch Fox news.

These two point take any credibility this video had and smashes it against a brick wall. Just because the majority wants to play remake after remake of the same mindless games with no imagination doesn’t mean Nintendo should have made an Xbox. Pretty sure Nintendo is trying to stay away from that crap.

oh great, another gametheorist video lol. These are the same people that said Wario is 10 feet tall in another video by using their own math and logic lol. Plus, this video is clearly a click-bait video as the Wii U is nowhere near as bad or a failure as the virtual boy. So many people said that the 3DS was the next Virtual Boy and look at how extremely well the 3DS is doing now 🙂

I couldnt watch it because he kept saying the VB came out in 1996, and that he was spouting criticism and complaints that sounded like they came from someone who has never played it before, let alone that the Wii U and VB sales are different stories

Can’t believe people actually buy what this idiot says, and I love the ego of “The smartest show in gaming” He clearly didn’t do any research, and went by what people like AVGN said.

He got so many facts wrong, and had an obnoxious attitude throughout the video. “Nintendos biggest failure” “1996” Reminds me of your stereotype Game Stop employee spreading BS and thinking they know everything.


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