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I just got a GB printer. It works great, it’s just that whenever it prints, there’s some white spots that aren’t supposed to be there. How can I fix it?

I tried the following:
-Changing the batteries
-Rebooting the printer
-Turning the brightness down

None have worked.

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Are the white spots in the same place on every print, or is it random?

Random. I have 4 photos I printed that I put on my wall. Some have barely any, some have tons. The rest of my prints are in the bottom of my trash can.

Then the problem could be with the paper itself. It’s thermal paper. All the GB Printer does is to heat it up to “burn” the picture into the paper.

If the paper has spots that doesn’t want to darken when heated, you’re out of luck…

That’s what I was starting to think. Would it be because the Paper is 8-12 years old?

Yes, it’s because the paper is old. For a long time Nintendo USA still sold new 3 packs of printer paper, you might want to check with them. The rolls of paper came sealed in individual plastic baggies, I’m unsure if that helped preserve it but it might be worth a shot buying some NOS paper.

Thermal printers/paper are still widely used, mostly for printing receipts. It may be possible to find a source of paper/adhesive labels that are compatible with the GBP. The best place to look would be in larger office-supply stores and the websites/catalogs of places that sell bar-code scanners and the like (for inventory management).

I’m just glad they didn’t go with some kind of inkjet technology… or, even worse, thermal transfer printing *shudder*


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