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I have tried like a thousand times to get the animation feature on the Gameboy camera to work, but always have ended up getting the ”Create animation!” message and a photo of a scary face. (And yes, that scared the crap out of me when I got ”WHO ARE YOU RUNNING FROM?!??!?” on the run option) Is animating a scam?

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I remember something about this… but i don’t remember enough to answer you. I have to search my camera.. and then i will try to help you

Ok, i checked it.
To create an animation you have to push “select” on the main menu (the one with “shoot, view, play”) and another menu will appear.
Then you have to go to “edit”, and then to “animation”.
Here you can create a sequence of frames, keep pushing “a” button to select each photo.
The animation you can create is a “stop motion” like movie, so you have to shoot some photos with a sequence.
I remember i used it to make an animation with a Gundam toy with a walking effect 🙂


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