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gccvbYES! RunnerPack’s, Frostgiant’s and Parasyte’s Virtual Boy port of the popular GCC C Compiler, gccVB, is now up for download. After the Beta has been around in the hands of a few people for about a year and has made the release of a lot of new games and demos possible, now everybody can get his hands on the ultimate VB programming tool. None of the limitations the Virtual-E C Compiler had, can be found in gccVB, the only one is your imagination, and everybody who played around with VECC knows, how easy programming for the Virtual Boy is. Get the exclusive download here.

There are also some little changes on PVB. First of all you all already saw the new language selection screen. The fullscreen option has been moved to the nav bar above btw. We also removed the pop-up submenus from the menu on the left, because several people had problems with the Java scripts. The sidebar to your right underwent a little change, too. “Focus” became “Top Story” and vice versa. “Top Story” will still show you the top story of the past months, “Focus” now not only lists the hottest updates of the last weeks, but also interesting but a bit hidden articles on this site, forum topics, other websites or whatever we want to shed some light on (again). Plus the Game Ideas and Panic Bomber cheats have been updated.

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