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Recent shortages have affected existing suppliers of Eyeshades. As such, we had seen very heavy demand for our modest military-grade Eyeshade, which we original design/made for our own internal needs. As such, we needed to mass-produce this Eyeshade.

With the support from a foam supplier and textile company, and their Lectra Vector Cutting Table. See the video below for this machine in action. We can make almost an unlimited amount. Sorry, no video for it cutting our Eyeshades due to other Textile military products in the factory.

If you’re a re-seller that like to buy/trade for Eyeshades or an end-user that like to get a few spares for your own needs, feel free to check out our listing below or get in contact with us.


Any related thoughts or ideas that like to share below let us know.

All the best,

The Vintex 64 Team

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