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The day has finally come and we are excited to bring you the first preview release of VUEngine Studio, the de-facto successor to VBDE (Virtual Boy Development Environment).

VUEngine Studio is a custom integrated development environment (IDE), tailor-made for Nintendo Virtual Boy game development with VUEngine, a versatile, object oriented Virtual Boy game engine. It is built with Eclipse Theia, a framework for building cloud and desktop IDEs using modern, state-of-the-art web technologies. At its core, Theia reuses central building blocks of Visual Studio Code and as such, VUEngine Studio looks and feels very much like VSCode and is able to consume VSCode extensions.

Check out the revamped VUEngine Studio Website for more information, downloads, (work-in-progress) documentation and more.

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This is really cool. I wanted to mess around with it a little, but it won’t quite work yet on Linux. I’ve left a few comments on the appropriate Github issue.


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