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from an interview by mundorare with rare’s Duncan Botwood and Mark Edmonds, who were part of the goldeneye team:

MR: What can you tell us about the famous unfinished Virtual Boy version of the game? The few images on the net show the Aston Martin DB5, was it ever considered to be on the Nintendo 64 version?

DB: I have no knowledge of any Virtual Boy project, unfortunately. We never really considered the Aston Martin for the game, since it plays only a tiny part in the movie.

ME: I really don’t know much about the Virtual Boy version as I think it was developed by Nintendo themselves and was nothing to do with us. I’m not sure we ever discussed having an Aston Martin in the game, but I do remember lots of talk about a motorbike for some reason, and being able to ride it through any level.

not much, but something. 😛

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Unfortunately, that “I think it (vboy version) was developed by Nintendo themselves” means another dead end here. What I don’t understand is why such “obscurity” from Nintendo regarding Virtual Boy. It was a complete disaster, but good companies learn from disasters, don’t try to hide them inside the closet… Anyway, that’s my opinion, of course.

Speaking of 007, a multiplayer FPS would be so awesome. I have no idea what kind of work would go into something like that.


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