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I snapped this image off of smashbros.com with my screen capture thing.
If you look at it, it is the section that lists lots of major Nintendo titles. You’d think the VB would be left out, once again. But, uh oh, whats this? If you look in between the Super Nintendo Logo and N64 Logo, you will see, THE WORDS “VIRTUAL BOY” IN THE SCREEN SHOT!!! This is in no way edited at all, for real, you can go check the site and compare them.


Just scroll down to where it says “Chronicle”, click on the pic and see for yourself.
Here is the image if you are too lazy to go to the site:

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That is awesome! You can catch a glimpse of the Virtual Boy in Super Paper Mario for the Wii also. I think it’s somewhere in level 2 but I’m not sure.


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