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So, we all know why the Virtual Boy failed in the market. Red. I know we all love red, but what if the Virtual Boy was released later and had a green spectrum? I think it has a cool oscilloscope-like effect. What do you think? Would this have helped or hurt the VB?

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Actually its quite a calming color, I wonder how a set of evergreen lenses would look on VB?

I must say that is certainly interesting I’ve always wondered what the VB would look like if the LED’s were blue.

I actually rather like this color, although red shows the detail better imo. In general it would be cool if we could change the color scheme on the Virtual Boy. I’d love some purple 😉

Kyrushi wrote

In general it would be cool if we could change the color scheme on the Virtual Boy. I’d love some purple 😉

Purple on real hardware may be difficult because it’s a mixture of red and blue. If we could do purple we could probably make a much greater palette of more than 4 shades.

I like green the most as its like a throwback to the green of original GB.

How hard would it be to get custom lenses?

Getting custom lenses might be kinda expensive. An LED bar with that many LEDs is hard to buy. Its possible, just difficult. Although, it does have a nice Gameboy effect there.

I made some comparison pics. How do they compare? Any other games you want me to re colorize?

In this particular case, I actually like the blue color the best. It gives a nice impression of a moonlit night.

I second that, Ben. The blue looks gorgeous! Purple doesn’t look as great as I thought it would.

green is my favorite color of light. i’m all for this.

The blue definitely looks the best to me. More than just my blue-bias, it looks a lot more clear, shapes stand out more.

Wario Land is one that strikes me as a red feel, I’d love to see a color spread of it.

This will probably end up sounding silly… But couldn’t you put another colour of say cellophane over the lenses to create a new colour? Would that work?

You’d have to ‘mix’ it with the red obviously so the palette would be limited. But couldn’t that work…??

I don’t think the red is necessary to create the stereoscopic effect right???


… Or …. Not… 😀

That would be foggy from your forehead sweat, within moments it wouldn’t be able to be seen.

Honestly I really think they should have made the plastic lenses interchangeable. For example packaging the Golf game with green plastic lenses, Or Water World with blue and Wario with purple.

While playing around with emulators and the original system I find that certain colors help with the submersion of the game and also helps give the game a different overall feel.

You can’t just replace the plastic, because the displays only produce red light. Replacing the LED arrays will likely be cost-prohibitive for many years to come. Feel free to dream, but don’t get your hopes up.

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What if someone made an emulator which lets you put in any pallette? That would be awesome!Just choose the four colors to put in. I saw a gameboy emulator that did that, so it cant be impossible.

Mednafen could supports Custom Palette VB.PAL
But I cannot make a good vb.pal file .

Anybody please would update a good example file of vb.pal

Then we can edit that file and put new 4 colors to VirtualBoy monochrome


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