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Hey folks! Just joined a couple days ago, and I thought I’d say hi. I’m “returning to the fold,” as it were… I had a Virtual Boy years ago, but ended up selling it off. I’m anxiously awaiting a package to show up on my doorstep now, though. πŸ˜€ I’ve picked up a few games on the cheap so far, now I just need the system to get here!

I’m more into collecting than homebrew, but it looks like this is quite an active little community, and it’s really neat to see what folks have come up with. πŸ™‚

And now, the question: has anyone here had any dealings with NCSX (National Console Support, Inc.)? I stumbled upon their website in my search for games, and they have a couple listings for Mario Clash and Jack Bros. (both imports) that are very competitive compared to the usual ebay prices. I’ve never heard of them before, though, so I’m kind of wondering if they’re legit.


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I believe they are legit, I think I remember some people mentioning they bought stuff from there actually

anyways welcome to the forums!

have much Virtual Boy related fun here (and on your Virtual Boy)! πŸ˜€

Thanks! I did a little more scouting online, and they have a number of positive reviews on various sites, so I think I’m going to give them a try. I’ll report back on my experience if it ends up being unfavorable.

My Virtual Boy actually came today, so I’ve been having a blast! πŸ˜€ Lots of fun memories to relive, and new ones to make!


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