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iFixit featured a VB and took some lovely snapshots of the process. Check it out.

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Possibly the best VB quote I have ever read:

“Even so, TIME Magazine listed the Virtual Boy as one of the worst inventions of all time, and PC World called it one of “the ugliest products in tech history.” Of course, neither Time nor PC World ever opened one, so what do they know?”

Also, those are some fantastic pictures. The display picture is the best I’ve seen. And they seem to have all the correct info about the hardware.

I find it funny that they did the modified-gamebit hack with a slot at the end and they never gave credit to the guy who actually figured that out… Somehow I doubt they would have the exact same idea on their own.

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Its not a complete teardown… they didn’t take apart the controller! 😉

also, TIME and PC World probably just said those things since a lot of their readers are most likely anti-Virtual Boy 😛

Really interesting stuff! I remember reading a while back how exactly the VB displayed the images it did, but it was really confusing to follow in just text. Seeing these visual aids along with the explanation is awesome, and really sheds some light on what’s going on in that little red box!

That’s cool, thanks for the link!


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