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Don’t let this review if you even want to call it that fool you this is still a pretty okay book but what is said about the VB is horrible even worse than that review I posted from that crappy classic video game collecting book a few months back. I noticed that in the part that talks about all of these other consoles that failed they say some pretty fair reasons on why these systems failed but with the VB they just say the system sucks end of story. Also I noticed that the picture of the system in the book is the same one from wikipedia so they diddnt even have a system of their own, I bet that the person who wrote this and that so called classic video game collecting book have never even heard or for that matter ever played the VB.

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thats pretty awesome. i’ve read so many of those guinness books, especially when i was younger. now i’m all nostalgic for them…

Yeah there are so many articles about older video games which I really like since I prefur and play more of the older stuff what about your self?


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