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Hey everyone

I was wondering if anyone was developing / thinking of creating a ROM hack for Mario’s tennis to allow 2 player functionality over a link cable?

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I’ve looked into it several times (and again just recently), but I haven’t found anywhere that there’s actually link code in the game. It’d be very difficult to add link support if it was never in the game, but possibly pretty easy if it was coded, and then disabled before releasing the game.


I really like the sound of that, I know this sounds a little crazy and impossible but what if someone could make an online version of the game then we could all play against each other.

Best thing to do is to play Mario’s Tennis a lot with the new rom map tool and mask out unused areas. That would probably increase the chance of finding any unused code.

Yep… that’s what I’ve done so far, though I still haven’t beaten the game in Special Easy, Medium, and Hard… but if someone could do those and post the map, it’d be really helpful, because just about all the code and data would be exercised then.


Aside from that, how much is actually known about the link port and how it works at all, considering it hasn’t been used in any of the games?

There’s a homebrew that uses it:

There’s plenty known about it (I’ve made several games and apps that use it), but not many people use it, since there’s no link cable available (so you need to make your own), and Reality Boy supports it over the network, but it’s really slow.


Ooh, that’s nice. I’d figure the real enthusiasts would figure it out even if the official games didn’t use it. 🙂


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